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Mother's Name
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Partner's Name
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Common Medical Interventions
Common Medical Interventions
Thinking about the following procedures, very few women would choose to have them for no reason. Assuming there was a good reason, how strongly would you agree to, or disagree to, the use of the following interventions? For example: If you do NOT want a cesarean you might choose "Strongly Disagree"
IV (fluids)
Saline lock
Continuous fetal monitoring
Internal fetal monitoring
Intrauterine pressure catheter
Pitocin for induction
Pitocin for augmentation
Prostaglandin gel
Cytotec (Misoprostol)
Artificial Rupture of Membranes
Post-delivery Pitocin
Vacuum extraction
Cesarean birth
Urinary catheter
Stirrups for birth
Perineal tear
Narcotic (pain relief)
Epidural (pain relief)
Coping Techniques & Pain Medication
Please also explain why you feel this way.
Coping Measures
Please check below the coping measures you are open to trying in labor. Select all that apply.
Pain Minimizers
*please consult with your care provider
Breathing Techniques *
Relaxation Techniques *
Position Changes *
Labor Stimulation Techniques
*Please consult with your care provider.
The Half Hour Rule *
About the Baby
Eye Ointment *
Vitamin K Injection *
PKU Test *
Hepatitis B
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