Meet the Doulas

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  • As an anthropologist, I am fascinated by the transformative nature of the birth experience. Watching a birth unfold gets to the heart of what it means to be a woman and a mother. I enjoy the unpredictable and absorbing nature of doula work, as well as the amazing friendships that often develop.

    My extensive training has taught me to be flexible in the moment, adapting to the mother and her partner’s needs as they evolve and change throughout the birth. Being an experienced childbirth educator helps me communicate effectively with clients, care providers and family members. To keep busy between births and teaching childbirth classes, I feed my two adorable daughters and my husband from my amazing organic vegetable garden.

    Danielle possesses unique and essential talent. Her openness, light-hearted kindness, and patience helped me coach my wife through labor while her attentiveness, level-headed composure and levity ensured that the whole process was as enjoyable as it was rewarding. ~S.D.

  • Elizabeth Colantouni

    After the births of my two daughters, I began my doula practice, inspired by a passion to help women preparing to become mothers and those expanding their families. Through my training in yoga - including prenatal yoga - I am able to help my clients use their breath to focus their minds. I enjoy connecting with families while providing the emotional, physical and informational support needed for a successful birth experience. From my own births and through my work, I have an appreciation for the uniqueness of each birth. In addition to trying to keep up with my two girls and husband, I am also a faculty member of the Department of Biostatistics at the Bloomberg School of Public Health.

    As a first-time mom, I really valued Elizabeth's calm, reassuring presence and her consistently thoughtful support and guidance throughout my birth. In the end, I could not have asked for a better birth experience, and I know that Elizabeth was a big contributor to this feeling. ~M.T.

  • I love being a doula because I love people. Helping women through the fascinating and amazing process of pregnancy and birth, I am able to build profound bonds with my clients. As a birth doula, I share information and techniques I have learned in a supportive and empowering way. As a trained postpartum doula, I also enjoy supporting families after the birth of a child. In addition to working as a doula, I am the mom of two boys, and enjoy sewing and reading.

    We had an amazing experience with Annie! She helped with positioning, reminded me to breath, supported me through the contractions, and guided my husband as he helped ease my back labor. ~J.Z.

  • Becoming an advocate and teacher for woman during their pregnancy and birth experience has taught me so much more than I could ever imagine. I feel blessed to be given the opportunity to be a part of such an amazing time in someone's life and I want to make it as positive and empowering as a woman deserves it to be. In addition to being a doula and childbirth educator, I am a mom to a wild toddler and spend any of my free time chasing him around and attempting new, healthy recipes in the kitchen.

    Alison was amazing. I would not have been able to stick to my birth plan without her. I had total confidence in her leading up to labor and during labor. I felt supported at every step. ~ C.H.

  • After several years of studying and teaching literature, I gave birth to my first child. My life quickly re-focused and my shelves of novels filled with birth books, even books on advanced midwifery practice. This new-found passion led me to work as a doula in addition to caring for my two small children. Childbirth is an event that women carry with them throughout the rest of their lives. I am grateful to be a part of this special time and hope to offer a source of continuous emotional and physical support to laboring women and their families.

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  • The birth of my son inspired me to become a doula. My goal is to support women and families to have a satisfying birth experience on their own terms. It's so amazing to be able to witness a new family being born. Photography is another a passion of mine, so I am also happy to document this sacred time for my clients.

    Christina was amazing, and we are so grateful to have had her support! I truly believe she is the reason we consider ourselves to have had such a positive first-time birth experience. ~R.C.

  • Christy Searing Hines

    Before becoming a doula, I worked for several years for a public health nonprofit in Baltimore City advocating for low income pregnant women. I helped to provide education on healthy practices for pregnancy and infant care and linked the moms to community services. After I gave birth to my first child I wanted to find a way to combine my love of working with pregnant women with the ability to stay home full time with my children. I love being a doula and supporting moms and their partners through labor to bring new life. In my spare time I love traveling with my husband, eating copious amounts of ice cream and playing with my 3 children.

    Christy was fantastic!...She was very straight forward and was there to help. ~N.B.

  • I was blessed to attend and play an intimate role in the birth of one of my godchildren. That beautiful experience coupled with my passion to empower women to love their bodies and their miraculous capabilities spawned my journey into becoming a doula. I believe that women innately have everything they need to give birth and facilitating parents in that instinctual self-discovery is one of my favorite parts of being a birth worker. Meeting new friends, sharing our different backgrounds and then supporting them in one of the most intimate basic human experiences to then witness their joy each time their family grows is an absolute gift. In addition my work as a doula, I am also a nanny for a wonderful family and I enjoy hiking, yoga, cooking and writing and I love going to musical performances of many different genres.

    There is no way I would have made it through labor without Kat... She stayed by my side for the entire time, rubbing my back through every contraction... She had great suggestions and when a technique didn't work out we moved on to another one. I really can't put into words how great she was! ~K.W.

  • Chloe Chrysanthus

    I have worked with babies since I was 14. In pursuit of becoming a NICU nurse, I spent two years in nursing school before I realized that I wanted to become a doula to help women enjoy the birth they choose. As a doula, I believe women need to be respected and to have continuous support in labor. I love helping mothers and their birth partners work together during labor and being there to see how they bond with their baby from the very beginning. When I'm not supporting new families, I spend my time running after my smart little girl, Lily, and leading a healthy, fun lifestyle.

    Chloe was a very calm presence... She was great at reassuring my husband and me that what was occurring was normal and suggesting techniques to cope with labor. ~B.C.J.

  • As the daughter of an OB nurse, I've had a longstanding interest in women's health. It brings me so much joy to help women bring their children into the world. Natural and healthy living are also passions of mine--I'm a bit of a health and exercise nut! When I'm not caught up in the fun chaos of raising my two children, I enjoy cooking, sewing, watching Star Wars, weightlifting, thrift store hunting and being crafty.

    Lauren was very supportive and I really appreciated her words of encouragement. She had a very can-do attitude and I feel like that rubbed off on me. Before coming into the hospital I felt like I couldn't do it and I would need some pain meds... Those thoughts were chased away when Lauren came in the room and helped me through the tough contractions. ~ M.B.

  • When I was born, my mother was surrounded by family and friends in the comfort of her home. The stories she shared about her experience inspired me to help others create beautiful memories of their transformative journeys into parenthood. Since the birth of my first child six years ago, I have followed this passion to support those bringing new life into the world. As a yoga instructor and through my work with the elderly and those with multiple sclerosis, I have strengthened my awareness of each person’s needs. Focusing on every mother as an individual, I guide women to use their breath to connect mind and body during labor. My husband, two girls and I enjoy a healthy, green lifestyle, walking our dog, ice-skating, bike-riding and shopping at the local farmers' market.

    Luki was amazing! I would absolutely recommend her! She helped me have the natural home water birth I dreamed of! It couldn't have been more perfect. ~S.H.

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