Infant Care & Breastfeeding

The transition to parenthood can be a rocky start.  We can help you prepare for life with baby. Breastfeeding, infant care, and parenting tips are at the core of each of these classes.  Taught by experienced mothers and trained postpartum doulas, you will leave class feeling more confident and excited for the arrival of your new baby.  

Baby Basics

Weekends / Varies Catonsville and Columbia

The best of our Infant Care and Breastfeeding classes combined. We focus on newborn care and procedures. Topics include: sleeping, communication, diapering, dressing, and parenting sanity-savers. Breastfeeding is covered in-depth and this portion of class will help you prepare for a comfortable start. Topics include: latch, position, milk production, feeding patterns, myths, avoiding common problems, and when to call for assistance.

Class Instructor(s):

Annie Byrd Annie Byrd

Free Seminars

Weeknights / 7 pm Baby's-R-Us, Columbia and Pasadena

We offer mothly free seminars on breastfeeding and infant care. These seminars are a breif introduction to our more comprehensive Baby Basics class. The Basics of Breastfeeding topics include: getting started, timing of feedings, signs baby is getting enough, and common concerns. The Basics of Baby Care topics include: calming baby, holding a newborn, and newborn sleep patterns.

Class Instructor(s):

Annie Byrd Annie Byrd

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