Comfort Measures & Coping Techniques for Labor

A workshop focused entirely on comfort measures and coping techniques for couples to utilize during labor and childbirth. We will introduce and practice a wide variety of methods, so that you can learn what works for you.

Comfort Measures Workshop

Weeknights / Varies Catonsville

This workshop is designed to offer couples a way to try out and explore some of the most effective natural childbirth coping methods. Take this workshop as a way to build on and strengthen what you have already learned in your childbirth class or as a refresher course for second (or more!) time moms. The small class size allows for hands on instruction and individualized guidance. Parents will learn how to utilize a robozo, a birth ball, acupressure, position changes, massage, back-labor techniques, and more. We also include a review of breathing for labor and pain coping theories. If you are planning on a natural birth this class is a must!

Class Instructor(s):

Danielle Koontz Danielle Koontz

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