Childbirth Classes

Our childbirth classes are grounded in evidence-based maternity care and integrate a wide variety of well known relaxation and coping techniques.  We offer two variations of our childbirth classes: a Weeknight Class and a Weekend Class.  Both formats are appropriate for parents looking to have a natural birth as well as for parents planning on utilizing pain medications.  IBC birth classes work to inform the new parents of Maryland and DC of all their options and prepare them for their best birth.

Informed Childbirth

Weekend Class Maryland - locations vary, please check each listing

All the Childbirth Education you want to prepare you for labor in a weekend intensive course! This class meets for one full day, and will provide you with the knowledge, preparation and proven techniques needed for a successful childbirth as you define it. Sign up now for prenatal classes that will lead you to the birth experience you want for yourself and your baby. Pair this class with Baby Basics for a complete weekend course and get a discount. Informed Childbirth ($195) + Baby Basics ($95) = $250

APRIL: Owings Mills



Informed Childbirth

Weeknight Class Catonsville

Our weeknight course provides you with information, skills and techniques to increase your confidence and prepare you for a successful natural childbirth. Through this course you will learn proven tools to cope with labor and gain the knowledge you will need to make informed choices throughout your pregnancy and childbirth.


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