Your Body is Not Lemon

by Guest Blogger Baby Byrd Doula

"You're body is not a lemon," was the mantra of Ina May Gaskin in the documentary, Birth Story. Ina May and "The Farm" midwives really focused on the fact that women are made to have babies and that the increasing rate of cesarean section has convinced women that they cannot give birth vaginally. Ina May and many other midwives allow you into their lives in this documentary and show you how empowering birth can truly be.


This documentary is peppered with history. It describes the foundation of the "The Farm" in Tennessee by the 1960's hippies who were searching for a better way of life. The Birth Story reveals how Ina May became a midwife and started providing better birth options for people across the United States.

There was even video footage from the '70s of a breech birth and shoulder dystocia (and the Gaskin maneuver). These videos showed women empowered in their births. It showed them enjoying their births. There was no fear.

I think that is documentary can change they way women choose to have their babies. If women could feel strong and trust in their innate abilities to birth, then less women would be scared of birth and would have positive birth experiences.

My hope, as a doula, is that I can foster a safe environment, in which women trust their bodies and not only give birth to beautiful healthy babies, but also satisfying birth stories.


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Baby Byrd Doula

About eight years ago, I got pregnant for the first time. I did tons of research. I looked into birthing centers, doulas, general information about pregnancy, labor and delivery. Sadly, my pregnancy ended at 8 weeks. I got pregnant again, but was devastated by a miscarriage at 14 weeks. My husband and I decided to start the adoption process and keep trying to have a baby. I kept reading as much as I could about pregnancy and fertility. A thought struck me: maybe I should be a doula. Shortly after this thought in 2008, we adopted our first son. Now that I was a new mom, being a doula was out of the question. I got pregnant three more times over the course of three years and all ended in miscarriage. Gratefully, we adopted another boy in 2011. At this point many of my friends were having their first babies and I had so much knowledge of pregnancy and labor that they started coming to me for information. Eventually one friend encouraged me to do something with that information to help other women. This reignited something inside of me-- my desire to be a doula. This was my opportunity to help bring life into this world. Being a doula is not only life giving for the mom, but also for me—the doula!

Maryland Doulas

As the Maryland Representative for DONA International I have the pleasure of hosting annual member meetings.  This year we had a fantastic turnout of over 15 doulas!  Maryland's birthing women are so lucky to have such an amazing group of doulas to choose from.  After networking and chatting we were honored to have an informative session on postpartum depression by Valerie McManus LCSW-C of Healing Therapies.  In  a fun change of pace it was the doulas who were led in a visualization.  Our member meeting was full of excitement as we hear about innovations in doula care, future conferences to help keep us learning, and the growing trend of placental encapsulation.

If you are looking for a doula for your upcoming birth, Maryland DONA doulas have you covered!