Keep Comfortable in Labor

Childbirth is different for everyone. Quick. Long. Hard. Easy. One thing everyone can agree on is that keeping comfortable is top priority.  But how do you prepare for an event you can not predict? As with any other major life event life event, thoughtfulness and preparation works best.  How will you prepare?

Dealing with labor can be as simple as “breath and relax”.  Easier said than done. How do you maintain an easy relaxed breathing pattern during hard physical activity.  Practice.  It is a good idea to incorporate a practice of progressive relaxation and deep breathing techniques.  Position changes and comfort techniques can further enhance your ability to deal well with labor. These tools can be easily learned by taking a class, reading a book, researching the internet.  Rather than focus on one way deal with labor it is best to incorporate a variety of ways to cope with the expected and unpredictable challenges of labor and birth.