A Joke About Your Feet

A Joke About Your Feet

Our daughter, age 2, moves

through our bedroom self-propelled,


her ideas moving her, ideas all her own,

a smooth motion like a crashing


ocean within her, soft and fierce and invisible

like all the parts I built for her


and when she makes a joke

—Out of nowhere!—


(the joke:

‘I didn’t steal your feet, I borrowed them,’


in response to my husband’s

‘You have my feet!’)


it’s nothing


we ever considered, nothing we created,

nothing of the parts of parenting we try


in futility to imagine before they happen,

it’s nothing but we look at each other


quickly and then our eyes quickly back

to her, to see what’s next.

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Crazy Like a Mom

Crazy mom Danielle Veith has two kids—a 5 year-old daughter and a 2 year-old-son—who are happier than she could ever have imagined. Being a stay-at-home mom for almost five years makes her feel totally insane, but also lucky, constantly amazed and full of wonder. Before the babies, she lived in Brooklyn and had a real grown-up life that included working in the Creative Writing Program at NYU, at The Nation magazine and at Viking-Penguin Books. With her ever-loving husband and children, she now lives in the Washington DC metro area, and puts her MFA in poetry to good use writing in her head when no one's screaming.