Top Ten Lies Parents Tell (Ourselves)

Guest Blogger Crazy Like a Mom

10.  I just turned around for a second!

9. (Fill in the blank)... shouldn't take too long.

8. Yelling "Stop yelling!" will get them to stop yelling.

7. Crawling/talking/walking/reading/writing early = Ive League future! (Aka, it's ok we haven't started saving for college, our kid is a genius.)

6.  It hasn't been *that* long since... (fill in the blank).

5.  I don't smell anything. 

4. Falling asleep while watching Bones on the DVR is just as romantic as going out to see a movie.

3. What's one more kid?

2. Going to bed early is the new sleeping in.

1. Our kids won't be like that. 


Crazy Like a Mom

Crazy mom Danielle Veith has two kids—a 5 year-old daughter and a 2 year-old-son—who are happier than she could ever have imagined. Being a stay-at-home mom for almost five years makes her feel totally insane, but also lucky, constantly amazed and full of wonder. Before the babies, she lived in Brooklyn and had a real grown-up life that included working in the Creative Writing Program at NYU, at The Nation magazine and at Viking-Penguin Books. With her ever-loving husband and children, she now lives in the Washington DC metro area, and puts her MFA in poetry to good use writing in her head when no one's screaming.