Genetic testing Made Easier

Have you ever wanted to genetic testing on your baby while you were pregnant but didn't want take a risk of CVS or amniocentesis? Well, now there is another test. It is a simple blood test that poses no risk to the growing baby. It is called MaterniT21.

Recently one of my postpartum clients told me the success that she had with the test and how it put her mind at ease during the duration of her pregnancy. Since advance maternal age is a risk factor for genetic abnormalities, she felt that being sure that her baby was healthy was what she needed. You may feel like that too and now you get a test done that doesn't put your pregnancy at risk for miscarriage.

Also, the MaterniT21 test can determine the gender of the baby as early as 10 weeks. So if you are super curious...

Check out this video about MaterniT21.